1. Use of the punt is not allowed unless to free a snagged fish.
  2. A maximum of four rods per person may be used. All rods must be in the same swim and the angler should be within sight of their rods at all times. In other words not 100 yards away because you have a remote buzzer receiver!
  3. All cars to be parked in the car park (inside gate under oaks).
  4. All anglers must use the toilet facility provided. This must be left in a clean condition at the end of ach session.
  5. Rubbish produced during your session must be taken off the estate with you when you leave.
  6. No cutting of any vegetation, tie it back if necessary until you leave.
  7. The following are BANNED:- 'Home made' bent hooks, Kryston Quicksilver leaders and bait boats.
  8. All anglers MUST use the landing nets, weigh slings and carp cradles kindly provided by Kevin Nash of Nash Tackle This is COMPULSORY to reduce the risk of diseases being brought from other waters to Redmire Pool. if you wish to use your own equipment don't fish Redmire!
  9. Fish should only be retained for short periods only, care of the fish should always come first.
  10. No guests, no visitors and no pets allowed on the estate, only anglers in possession of their confirmation and the owners of the estate have permission to be on the pool.
  11. We would appreciate all anglers filling in the Redmire Pool log (in the hut) as we wish to keep records of all fish caught.
  12. Any carp caught may be used for publicity purposes.
  13. Absolutely no video equipment to be taken onto the estate.
  14. All unused bait to be taken away and not thrown into the pool.