Redmire Pool is a farm pond less than 3 acres in size but the history surrounding it has always captured the hearts and minds of Carp Anglers worldwide.

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Herefordshire, Redmire's life as such started in March 1934 when the then owners of the estate instructed a fish supplier by the name of Donald Leney to stock the pool with 50 small Carp (5.5"-8") in a bid to combat the extensive weed in the pool. These fish since known as 'Leneys' along with the Redmire stockings and stockings he carried out elsewhere around mainly Southern England have produced most of the known big Carp in England today.

These fish lay untouched until 1951 when a local angler by the name of Bob Richards managed to get permission to fish the pool. On the 3rd October on a dull foggy day Bob was to re-write the record books by capturing a magnificient Mirror Carp of 31.4lbs.

The following year saw the famous Richard (Dick) Walker on Redmire, and on September 13th he caught the famous 'Clarissa' at a new record weight of 44lbs. 'Clarissa' spent the rest of her days residing in London Zoo.

Dick's record stayed intact until Chris Yates once again stunned the angling world by capturing a massive 51.5lb Mirror.

Redmire has been fished by all the famous names in Carp Fishing over the years, including:- Jack Hilton, Tom Mintram, Bill Quinlan, Len Arbery, Kevin Clifford, Peter Springate and Kevin Maddocks to name but a few.

In those days Redmire was very much a 'closed shop' and the fishing was kept very private and secretive, but now thanks to the present owners the magic and mystery of Redmire is available to all.