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#15043 by James Ian Russell
Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:20 pm
Well it's taken me 40 odd years to finally visit the Mecca and I wasn't disappointed, apart from the weekend being over far too soon. Thanks for Adam, Dave and Chris for being so welcoming and sharing our time there and for Les and his story's.

I learned a lot about this magical place, not only how to pronounce "Redmire" correctly Les.

Couldn't sleep the Friday night, partly as it was so mild and fish were displaying and leaping everywhere.
Saturday morning was a late start after finally dropping off to sleep so late. The sun was already peering through the glorious autumnal coloured trees with the dappled sunlight playing on the millpond glassy surface.

I flicked out a freelined lobworm into the margins on my trusty glass fibre "Kevin Clifford" carp rod, my uncles ancient Mitchell 304 clicking away as the bail arm engaged. I watched the V line cut in the water as the bait drifted down just beyond the marginal weed. Suddenly it stopped and the V cut in the water by the line reversed as it began to lift and snake off towards the deeper channel.

Heart pounding I struck and the rod bucked over...well slightly. The jag, jag jag on the other end was not a Redmire myth but an unseasonal Redmire eel or "snig"as we call them my way.
As my pulse rate slowly returned to normal I realised that today the carp gods were not with me. But well it was a Redmire fish, sort of and maybe I will be lucky enough to meet with one of the proper residents on another perfect carp fishers day!

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