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#15210 by Nick
Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:34 pm
Whilst not one of the coldest winters with regard to longevity, the sudden cold snaps can catch out the abundant wild bird life at Redmire. So I’d like to ask anglers visiting the pool this winter (and any winter come to that) to spare a thought for the wildlife.

When I fish the pool in winter I tend to take wild bird hanging peanut bags and the balls of suet fat they do in plastic mesh. I hang these liberally around the pool in order to supplement the meagre pickings available for the birds in winter. The added bonus is that it attacts birds to you’re swim too. Making a dull winters day seem just a little brighter.

Les, I or the bailiff have no problem with removing the mesh bags when they are exhausted of their food supply, so don’t worry about “littering”.

There is a very good pet shop in Ross itself located, quite conveniently as it happens, by the Weatherspoons pub “the Mail Room” on the High Street. I tend to buy local in order to support small local businesses in the Ross area whenever I’m up that way. They also generally stock mealworms, both live and freeze dried, which the Robins and Blackbirds in particular are very fond of. And if you leave any mealworms at ground or stump level, expect the Moorhens to very quickly find them!!

This is just a request of visiting anglers to give a little help to the varied and beautiful wild bird population at the Pool at a difficult time of year for them. You’ll be surprised at the joy you will get from seeing how your food offerings help the local bird life.

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