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#15122 by Nick
Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:14 pm
The weed is really quite heavy so far this summer. So much so that we are going to make a very strong recommendation, in the interests of fish welfare.

Will ALL anglers visiting the Pool this summer/autumn please use a MINIMUM of 15lb breaking strain line. As you know, braid is now on the banned list, so this is obviously in reference to nylon monofilament line.

Will ALL anglers also please use as small a lead as you can get away with for you're fishing situation (I only use 1 ounce leads at Redmire as that is plenty) and PLEASE will you all use a drop off lead system so the lead is dropped off on the take.

The above 2 measures will GREATLY increase your chances of landing any hooked fish. The lead is usually what gets caught up if a fish gets in the weed, and when the lead drops off fish mainly fight on the surface. This alone will increase your chances of landing hooked fish, but with a strong line too, you will hugely reduce the heartache of losing a Redmire fish on the way in.

There is a double headed rake, and rope, available at the pool for anglers to use. If you pick a swim that is very weedy, please use it to improve your chances of landing fish, and in the interests of fish welfare.

We are adopting a watching brief on this for the moment. But should it prove necessary, we WILL introduce a minimum line and drop off lead system as a new rule, and we DO NOT want to do that. Redmire wants to have as few rules as possible. Instead relying on anglers skill and experience to fish the Pool sensibly. however, the fish will ALWAYS come fist on our list of considerations.

Many thanks for fishing sensibly in a very weedy Redmire. And may you catch the fish of your dreams on your visit!! 8)

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