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#14715 by admin
Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:44 am
What's happened? The forum looks different!
I've updated the forum software to a newer version, which in turn has allowed me to install a new 'responsive' look and feel. This means the forum should work much better on mobile devices, such as iPads and smart phones - with pages and images automatically changing to fit the smaller screens.

Has my password, or any aspect of my account changed?
No, everyone's accounts should have transferred across unchanged. There shouldn't be any change to the way you access, view and use the forum. However, if you think something has gone wrong, please drop me a PM.

Why was the forum upgraded?
The old version of the forum software was obsolete, and presenting security and management issues for the hosting folks; so the upgrade to the new version was inevitable.

I don't like the new 'style' and don't care about mobile devices, can I have the old one back?
The exact 'old style' isn't available for the new version, but you have a selection of styles to choose from:

  • BBOOTS - the new default style, which works well on mobile devices
  • prosilver - doesn't work well mobile devices
  • subsilver2 - looks closest to the 'old style' but doesn't work well mobile devices
To change the style please follow these steps:

  • Access the User Control Panel.
  • On the User Control Panel page, click on the tab entitled Board preferences (a new page will load).
  • On the Board preferences page, scroll down to find My board style:, under or next to which is a drop-down list.
  • In the drop-down list, select the style you want to use (see above for list), then scroll down and click Submit (a new page will load).
  • Note: the style won't appear to have changed, but visit the forum's home page now and it will.

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