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#13459 by Snape
Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:02 pm
Les has emailed me the following as a reply to the questions raised in the "Ghostly goings on" thread (now pruned) under Redmire experiences. I am posting it here to avoid taking that thread of topic again.

The Ghost carp: When I moved up here from Hertfordshire I brought with me a couple of ghost carp from my garden pond that I put in the family's ornamental pond behind the big estate house which unbeknown to me had a leak. I went to have a look at them some weeks later to discover they had disappeared! A couple of months later I was told of a couple of ghosts in Redmire! It appears that a concerned family member seeing the lack of water in the ornamental pond thought it best to put them in Redmire! To say I was not happy about this would be an understatement. The holding cage will be on the dam this coming season and hopefully they will end up being removed.

The fish from my garden pond. First of all we do not net the pool annually. The 31 carp to be precise that had been put into Redmire were all either linear, fully scaled or scattered mirrors and 10 pure leathers all hand picked by me. These fish were bred from fish taken from Redmire (with the family's permission I might add!) and bred by Simon Scott at Sparsholt College in laboratory conditions and grown on in my pond for one year to a size of twelve inches. All the fish were photographed whilst nestling in the hands of Rob 'Bertie the Bailiff' Fox. This is a practice I have carried out over a considerable number of years to return the balance of mirrors to commons as when I took control of Redmire there were only 6 mirrors left in the pool! I believe what I've been doing is called fishery management and that's why about every 1 in 3-4 fish is a mirror! Since these fish were stocked the pool has not been netted.

The old oak: It was agreed not to try removing the old oak during the season as we didn't feel it right considering the amount of disturbance this would cause.

Les Bamford

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